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efi Colour Profiler Suite
efi Colour Profiler Suite


EFI Color Profiler Suite offers the best profiling solution for any printing environment and is especially suited for printers driven by EFI servers. The complete, integrated colour management tools ensure total colour quality control in the colour printing workflow. The flexible suite is based on EFI?s market-leading colour management solutions used by the most demanding colour professionals.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Achieves Optimum Colour Quality.?The unique tools let the user get the best colour out of printers. The Color Profiler Suite delivers precise control in every step of the colour printing process, achieving the highest quality.

  • Delivers High Return on Investment.?The Suite optimises your investment by producing the highest colour consistency and accuracy. It also ensures the best integration with EFI servers and can be combined with the EFI ES-1000 spectrophotometer for multiple purposes such as calibration and spot colour reading without buying extra hardware.

  • Increases Productivity.?The tools reside in one colour management suite, so users don?t need to change measurement devices or open different software, ensuring compatibility between applications. It also streamlines operations through the Suite?s seamless integration with EFI servers by customising printers? presets.

  • Shortens Learning Curve.?The tools come with an intuitive user interface, shortening the learning curve and making adoption to new tools quicker and easier.

  • Simplified Purchase and Support.?The solution enables businesses to receive all the pieces that are part of the printing solution from a single manufacturer, so the sales support, installation and acquisition processes are simplified.

  • Cost Savings.?It decreases costs by combining the benefit of the advanced calibration method using the EFI ES-1000 along with the advanced profiling methods of EFI Color Profiler Suite. This situation results in superior colour and a significant reduction in toner consumption because workflow is fine tuned to each print engine?s unique characteristics.

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