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Total File Guard


Based on recent survey, almost 99% of business documents in an organization are not protected. Controlling access to your files isn't really the most effective way to prevent loss or exposure of sensitive data. Sooner or later, your valuable files will find their way out of the corporate network - either by accidental disclosure by an insider or a targeted hacker attack. And when sensitive data gets out, your business could face some serious losses - financial loss, customer confidence, competitive advantage and legal liability. TotalFIleGuard helps to encrypt your important documents ON THE FLY.

Key Features

Konica Minolta
Protect your documents instantly:
Your documents are protected regardless you are working on premise or off premise
Konica Minolta
Non-intrusive integration:
Integrate data protection into your organization without changing your business processes at the way your people do their jobs
Konica Minolta
Persistent protection:
Protect your critical data at all times and in all places - even if it find its way out of your network and into the wrong hands.
Konica Minolta Printing control:
A unique watermark on printed document.
Konica Minolta Support over 300 applications:
Protects files that can be created, viewed or edited by most common applications.
Konica Minolta Share data with partners securely:
TotalFIleGuard lets you share your organization's data with third party entities without having to worry about data loss.

Total File Guard

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