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The most advanced web-to-print to keep you ahead of your competitors.

With increasing popularity of online services today, remote publishing has found its way into the realm of standard e-commerce. This remote publishing that offers designers tools to design print materials directly from a printer's website and to submit print orders online is called web-to-print.

Today the standard web-to-print is widely available and has created a more competitive environment, resulting in higher demand for a web-to-print solution to meet more erwarding challengers. Challenges such as seeking a better way to handle online job-orders, enhancing business performance through monitoring of staff's accomplishment and even identifying business opportunities.

Introducing Web2Flows Advanced Features

Recognising these growing challenges within the web-to-print arena, Konica Minolta introduces a powerful software called Web2Flows that will fulfill all the demands. Web2Flows, while delivering all the essential features of web-to-print; is also a business enhancing solution that gives a better headstart to public and private storefronts alike. Out of all the user-friendly and customisable features, the two most significant within Web2Flows solution are the AUTOMATED WORKFLOW ROUTING and the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REPORT CAPABILITY.


Today, Web2Flows changes the way how web-to-print transact by making it more efficient and systematic with its automated workflow routing that can be CUSTOMISED according to any business flow. With this automated routing, Web2Flows can be configured to establish whether a printing job received is suitable for either digital or offset printing. Once that is processed by the print coordinator, the job submission will then be routed to various departments in the printing organizations. Web2Flows can also be configured to route to specific members of the staff at each stage of the process; from print production to invoicing process and finally notifying the customers of the collection of printed materials.

These automated routing stages of Web2Flows is also valuable to the customers in terms of job status tracking. With tracking, all customers will be able to trace the progress of their own printing jobs online and manage their own schedule accordingly right up to collection time. With this efficient real-time monitoring, the customers are only too happy to return for more print jobs. Either way workflow routing creates a win-win situation for printers and their customers.


While mose web-to-print solutions end with the collection of the printed materials, Web2Flows takes the organisation further with a dynamic feature called Business Intelligence Report. It offers comprehensive performance insights of the operation to help optimise and improve on the printing business. In order to achieve that, Web2Flows gathers data of the workflow processes and generate reports for the company's decision akers to make better judgements on the company's progress. One of the extensive intelligence reports provides staff KPI and monitors individual employee's performance. This enables the organisation to evaluate the efficiency of its workforce.

The Web2Flows business intelligence report also offers leads for business expansion. This is by providing detailed analysis reports that alert the organisation on when and where the expansion should take place. Whether it;s adding ona new finisher or increasing the workforce, it makes expansion of the business less financially risky.

The innovative Web2Flows even takes you further on whether it's viable to open up new branches. This is made possible by results generated to show datas supporting a lost of nationwide states that have emerged as the highest print orders over a targeted period. The company will then safely decide if those states are lucrative enough for business expansion opportunities. Best of all, the intelligence report is CUSTOMISABLE based on individual business requirements.

In short, Web2Flows is the most advanced web-to-print solution to date that takes your company beyond the core storefront business and keeos you ahead of your competition.

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